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Dear Members,

Under the terms of our new Public Liability Insurance, we are obliged to ensure the following steps are adhered to by all members attending any FAC event. Therefore, from now on by participating in an event you are confirming acceptance of the following rules: 


  • All owners/drivers must ensure that their vehicle is Taxed, has a valid MOT (if appropriate) and is fully insured. 

  • When arriving at an event you must follow any guidance or instructions given by traffic marshals who will be identified by yellow jackets. 

  • Whilst at an event you must drive in a suitably safe manner, bearing in mind the safety of pedestrians and dangers posed by other vehicles. 

  • When parked the driver must ensure that the parking brake is correctly applied.

  • When your vehicle is unattended: 

  • The ignition key must be removed to prevent unauthorised start up. 

  • The bonnet, boot and all doors must be closed and locked. 

  • You must ensure that personal property including folding chairs, picnic hampers, bags, etc are clearly visible and not left in walkways in order to minimise the danger of trip hazards. 

  • Ensure you report any trip or slip hazard to a committee member as soon as you see it. 


We look forward to seeing you at an FAC event soon.

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